Learn why patients love Drs. Veach & Allen!

Hi Amy, I just wanted to say Thank You to your office today. This morning one of our employees had a vision emergency after arriving at work. She is new to the area and didn’t know where to turn. We directed her to your office and you saw her quickly at 9:30 this morning. She is still a little nervous over the sudden change in her vision, but I believe she saw Dr. Allen, and he eased her concerns quite a bit. She will be following up with him in a week. Thank you so much for the professional kindness she received. Have a good evening!

P.S. I love the kindness I always receive from Dr. Allen and your staff.

Boy, oh boy did this gal screw up big time. Silly, impatient me decided to go elsewhere for my exam this year. Big humongous mistake. 2 hours for the waiting and exam (and picking out glasses which took 5 minutes), almost double the cost and double the wait time for my glasses!! Actually don’t have my glasses yet, so double the time might be an understatement. Please forgive me! I promise to never stray again! I have learned a lesson the hard hard!

Love our invaluable, trusted, reasonable, and friendly Veach & Allen Optometry!!!